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Burgers & More
All Burgers are served with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle slices, & chips.
Make it a platter by adding Steak Fries or Soup for $2.79 more.

Available Items
These items are available at your specified time.

Hamburger $7.95 each

Cheeseburger $8.75 each

Bacon Cheeseburger $9.25 each

BBQ Bacon Burger $7.95 each

Bacon Bleu Burger $9.75 each

Olive Burger $9.50 each

Guacamole Bacon $10.50 each

Kentucky Bourbon Deluxe $9.95 each

Cajun Burger $8.75 each

Buffalo Burger $8.75 each

Black & Bleu Burger $9.25 each

Black & Bleu Bacon Burger $9.75 each

Mushroom Swiss $8.75 each

Chipotle Black Bean $9.95 each

Slaw Burger $8.75 each

Italian Burger $10.75 each

The Original Ollie Burger Basket $9.95 each
By Special Permission we offer you this taste sensation that once upon a time launched a restaurant chain.
Grilled with Ollie's special seasoning, topped with melted mozzarella, and Ollie's secret sauce. Served in a basket with fries seasoned with Ollie's fry seasoning. Chomp!